All of our cabinets, from stock to custom, have a lacquer finish. With the proper care and minimal maintenance, your cabinets will continue looking beautiful and fresh for years.


  • Occassionally wipe with mild soap and a damp (not wet) soft cloth
  • Starting with a clean surface, we recommend using a mild furniture polish, such as Pledge, to add a thin layer of protection which allows for easier cleaning

Do NOT use cleaning products because of

  • Abrasion — Many cleaning products contain small particles that make it abrasive (thus the cleaning nature); however, when used on lacquered surfaces, especially glossy finishing, they will create a sanding effect which will damage the finish
  • Solvents — Lacquer cures by the evapration of solvents.  The reintroduction of certain solvents will actually start to strip away your lacquer finish.

Paint Damage

  • Touch-up furniture paint pens that match your cabinet color is best for any paint or wood damage

We are here for you


We know that accidents do happen and if for any reason your doors have been accidentally damage or stained, or if you have questions about how to care for your cabinets, call us anytime at 808-843-2284.